The Foster Festival 2018 – “If laughter is the best medicine, you will have your measure and more!”


“I’m excited about the two brand new plays I am working on for the new 2018 season. They are as different as night and day and yet I believe they will both still touch the funny bone and the heart of our audience.” – Norm Foster, Playwright


Join us this summer for Humour with Heart in the heart of Niagara as we celebrate the works of Canada’s most popular playwright, Norm Foster! Our 2018 Season features 2 Foster World Premieres and 1 Greatest Hit. Greatest Hit Wrong For Each Other is vintage Foster at his best. World Premiere Come Down From Up River, Foster’s latest Maritime saga, is guaranteed to delight! And after seeing the World Premiere of Renovations For Six, you’ll never look at a paint chip again without laughing…or cringing!


“This season explores the meaning of family. What makes us love and laugh together? What gets us through the good times and the bad? Family does.” – Patricia Vanstone, Artistic Director

“I have to confess that prior to the Foster Festival, I had not seen a Norm Foster play. But after enjoying the 2017 World Premieres Screwball Comedy and most recently, Lunenburg, I am a major Foster fan.” – Don S., Foster Festival patron, St. Catharines

“If laughter is the best medicine, you will have your measure and more!” – Terry B., Foster Festival patron, St Catharines, ON



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